Thank you for inquiring about a Golden Gondola licence and we look forward to discussing with you the many wonderful opportunities – both personal and business – that this provides.

Also, congratulations on taking this step – a step that many people only dream about. This dream – “the perfect business” – does it really exist? Perhaps with Golden Gondola it does!

Gondola Enterprises has been established to exclusively market licences of Golden Gondola – a concept founded by Gavin Fisher in 1987 when he himself, previously having been involved in owning and operating a range of business ventures, sought the “perfect business”.

Well, over 21 years later, Gavin is still at it – as enthusiastic and passionate as he always has been. From his Brisbane base, he has taken tens of thousands of people on romantic dinner and other leisure cruises. He has also licenced gondolas to several other independent operators who are also still enjoying the many benefits of this unique business opportunity.

The design and construction quality, including alignment with local and international marine standards, other legislative requirements, construction best practice and formal Quality Assurance procedures, is a key feature of Golden Gondola and sets these vessels apart from low quality imitations. In fact, several industry experts (as well as some patriotic Italians!), have been quick to point out that Golden Gondola are actually a better, more comfortable, more sturdy and more practical design than the traditional gondolas in Venice!

No more testament to, and illustration of, this is the fact that Gavin Fisher still uses his original vessel and it operates at the same efficiency after 21 solid years on Brisbane waters.

As part of the Golden Gondola licence arrangement, we will provide you a new custom-built vessel, an exclusive geographical territory, business planning and marketing support, training, and ongoing operational advice.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity or would like to receive an information kit on a Golden Gondola licence, please contact Gavin on 0419 400 944.

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