Q. How many people can fit on board a Gondola?
A. 6 passengers

Q. Can we still cruise every though it is raining?
A. Yes, the gondolas are fully enclosed so all passengers are protected from weather conditions. In fact some passenger like it better in the rain.

Q. Do you provide glasses for our BYO alcohol?
A. Yes, all you have to do is bring along your favourite drink.

Q. I don’t drink, are soft drinks available?
A. Yes, we can arrange soft drinks, just let us know at the time of your booking.

Q. Is it cold on board?
A. The gondola curtains can be closed to protect you from the wind, however we also have sheep skins and blankets on board.

Q. How do we dress?
A. You are in your own private surrounds, so how you dress is up to you. We recommend to dress in what ever you feel comfortable in.

Q. How long before our cruise should we arrive?
A. We recommend you arrive 10-15mins before your cruise.

Q. Where do we go?
A. The Gondolas cruise out of breakfast creek up the main river either towards the Gateway Bridge or towards The City. If you have a preference just lets us know at the time of the booking.

Q. My booking is a surprise, can you keep a secret?
A. Yes, if you are planning a surprise just tell us at the time of the booking.

Q. How private is the Gondola?
A. You are the only people on board, the driver can’t see or hear you.

Q. We have a favourite CD, can we listen to it while we cruise?
A. If you have a favourite piece of music you want played just bring the CD along at the time of the cruise and we will arrange it to be played.

Q. What type of music do you play?
A. Golden Gondola wants you to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the “real world” so we play relaxation music on board.

Q. How do we pay?
A. You can pay by credit card, cheque, EFTPOS or bank transfer.

Q. Do you have gift certificates?
A. Yes

Q. Do I need a deposit?
A. Yes, you can secure your booking by either supplying us with your credit card details or make a payment of 50% of the cruise value by cash or bank account transfer. In case of cancellation you are required to notify us at least 8 hours before your cruise departs in order to receive a full refund on your deposit.

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